“Never have I met a truer and more professional man as yourself. It may have been fate that brought your name to my attention…but it will be the proof of your integrity that I will pass on your name. In today’s progressive ways of thinking "character” is still the human trait that bonds us to do what we know is right. Thank you for showing me that there are still those who understand that success isn’t always measured by the monetary gains of a profession, but by the confidences gained by your patients by using the skills of your profession. Your comprehensive dental treatment has given me back the life I lost, as well as its opportunities I thought were gone when I lost my smile. You will never know how much meeting you has meant to my spirit and life. Thank you and Aloha!”
– J. W. Lewis, Wahiawa, Hawaii
“I am thrilled with my new smile. I cannot tell you how delighted I was when my smile came out so perfect! Thank you so much Dr. Parato!”
– B. Bergmann, Honolulu, Hawaii
“Nicest dentist and staff I’ve ever experienced! Mahalo much for fixing my teeth. There is no more pain and now I can grind my food better. And thank you for your willingness to work with my limited budget!.”
– Ikaika M. – Kaneohe, Hawaii
“Taking time to listen is taking time to care. Finally I’ve found a dentist who takes time to discuss my treatment and concerns. He explores treatment options, pros and cons, cost, implications and expectations. Very detailed. It made me feel comfortable and at ease knowing that were both at the same page. I absolutely have complete confidence in him.”
– K. Wright., Honolulu, Hawaii
“Overall, he is the best dentist I have ever met. He is always friendly, accommodating and cooperative whenever I have emergencies including my husband’s appointments. I would highly recommend his service to other patients."
– Evangeline Somera, Honolulu, Hawaii
“Dr. Parato and his staff are outstanding; they are friendly, knowledgeable, and kind. They made my visit easy.”
– anonymous
“Dr. Parato is always professional, polite, and provides excellent treatment care.”
– F. M. Byard, Kaneohe, Hawaii